01st April 2020

Lockdown Fitness


“Healthy body, healthy mind” is a well worn saying and it’s being tested to the max.

Living under lockdown, even if it’s “only” partial is still a lot to adjust to.

When you’re used to going to coming and going as you please, adapting to confinement requires a concerted recalibration of mindset. I’ve found it really helpful to maintain elements of routine.

Getting up at the same time - a lay in is out of the question when you’ve got a toddler who gives the roosters a run for their money - makes a difference. I’ve also loved seeing my regular clients for online classes. I’m not that big on technology but I’ve readily embraced the likes of Zoom so sessions can continue. Turning the kitchen into a fitness studio requires a strict “No Entry” policy while workouts are underway, but everyone’s used to that now - apart from the cat who mades the odd appearance. 

Getting out in the fresh air for daily exercise is proving a relief and stressful in equal measure. Trying to keep children at the required two metres distance from other folk can feel like herding cats. Then there are other people’s children and dogs to worry about. That aside, a trip to the local park has rekindled a love of simple pleasures like frisbee, throwing a ball about strolling through the woods. Feeling the sun, rain and wind on your face also helps to lift the spirits. 

Keeping active is proving a real tonic. I’ve always found exercise to be a sort of movement therapy. If I can’t exercise in some way each day I feel irritable and anxious. So now more than ever, I’m trying to get my fit hit at any opportunity. Starting the day with some online yoga or squeezing in some weights while the children are watching TV makes all the difference.

I’ve also joined in with countless others for P.E with Joe which my eldest has enjoyed to some extent. My regular rebound classes have brought much needed familiarity to Wednesday and Friday nights and a body toning class on Thursdays is a good opportunity to do something different. Without fail I feel better for exercise. At a time when we’re all being tested mentally, I’m drawing on a well worn resource for staying as focused as possible and keeping calm thanks to the release of feel good hormones and just the sense of having achieved something by working out. I think the big thing for me is that I can rely on exercise as a known quantity with predictable and pleasant outcomes when so much else seems uncertain. However you get your fit hit, I’m in no doubt that it’s important more now than ever, even if the temptation is to catch up on Netflix or all those DIY jobs you’ve been meaning to get done. Do yourself a favour, invest in you, it’s always worth it.


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