Online classes from just £4 per session!


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Group sessions:
Monday 19:00 - Rebound Intervals -  all levels
Wednesday 19:00 - Rebound Bounce & Tone - all levels
Workout live or request a recorded session.
Classes are £4 pay as you go or £30 per month all inclusive.
For recorded sessions £10 for 5 workouts
Personal Training - small private group sessions or one to one workouts available on request. Personal programme - £30 
Small group sessions -  share your workout with a friend or small group £20 p/p.

Rebound Intervals

Looking for a challenge? try bounce intervals.
Test yourself with cardio and strength exercises during timed bursts of activity.
You'll find you can work harder than expected because this is a form of lymphatic exercise so you'll detox as you bounce!

It’s kind on your joints and good for improving balance, coordination and core strength too. 

Classes are mixed ability allowing you to work at a pace and intensity you’re comfortable with. 

Rebound Bounce and Tone

A whole body workout to tone from top to toe.
Put a spring in your step with this exercise to music class.
Designed to help you tone, relieve tightness and connect to your core.
Challenge yourself with aerobic and bodyweight moves.
Work at your level and have fun at the same time!

Stability Bar Workouts

Stability bars can be a great way of building confidence and offering reassurance if you’re older or coming back from illness or injury. Bars don’t tend to be rock solid. They will move during the course of a workout allowing you to adjust to the uneven surface of the rebounder and improve your core strength. A wide range of people use stability bars which can make it tricky to offer a one size fits all class. I don’t offer group stability bar class because of this but am happy to teach one to one allowing the session to be individually tailored to your needs. Although there are some free mini workouts available, working on a more personal basis is a good way to achieve your individual fitness goals and allows for any personal exercise modifications to be made.

Sessions are charged at £30 per hour.


"It’s a brilliant mindfulness activity. All my worries disappear and I always feel much better going out of the class than I did going in."

“I had always found exercise classes intimidating but from the first class I felt comfortable and look forward to the weekly session”