Fitness Pilates – 6 Week Course

Get in touch with your core and learn how to address postural imbalances with Fitness Pilates.

This modern approach to pilates will help you to correct basic muscular and skeletal imbalances through pilates exercises and principles. Regular practise helps to improve muscular strength and balance, improve posture, improve core and back strength and help your body to work more efficiently.

Do you want to feel want to feel stronger, more flexible and move more easily in everyday life?

Then Fitness Pilates could be just what you’re looking for. 6 Week courses will help you get in touch with your core and address postural imbalances. You might find you’re looking down at your phone a lot and suffer with neck and shoulder pain or maybe you had a heavy pregnancy and your lower back hasn’t been quite right since. If you want to feel better, get stronger and enjoy your body a bit more then book your place today.



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