Unlimited access to a variety of workouts for just £30 a month!

ANY Time

Working a 9-5? Or maybe unsocial shifts? Don't worry, our workouts can be done at any time with unlimited members access!

ANY Where

Rebound workouts can be done anywhere there's a suitable space. As long as it's flat and level and you've got enough space around you then hop on board and get bouncing! 


We provide a variety of workouts - so whether you're just getting into fitness or you're a gym bunny, we've got you covered.

Workouts that work for YOU!

Our unlimited access members area gives you full access to live and recorded sessions for just £30 a month! No hidden costs and plenty of classes to choose from. Hop on the rebounder or grab some bands and a ball to get your cardio blast, strength hit or test your balance, it's all here.

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    "It’s a brilliant mindfulness activity. All my worries disappear and I always feel much better going out of the class than I did going in."

    “I had always found exercise classes intimidating but from the first class I felt comfortable and look forward to the weekly session”